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August 2014

Come check out August's edition and find out important information out about Eye Exams, Electronics the world can't live without, How to get ahead for college, and more.

September 2014

Come check out September's edition and find out about the Shadow Empire's dangerous roleplay, POW/MIA recognition day, and Artist of the Month: MrsSanEncounter.

Adopt a Dev

Forge has begun a new campaign for the community called "Adopt a Dev". What this campaign will symbolize is a better working relationship between Pro Devs on IMVU with the Junior/Beginning Devs. So if you are interested in being a mentor or a student, contact either AngelicLeigh or TwistedMep.




Forge now offers Authors the opportunity to get their stories in print. Whether it be a novel or a cook book, Forge will do their best for the published work to look fantastic and catch the eye of the reader.



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